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Rochelle Aytes dishes on the hit ABC show “Mistresses”, beauty and why she is so grateful to be in the industry.

Rochelle Aytes dishes on the hit ABC show “Mistresses”, beauty and why she is so grateful to be in the industry.

No matter what your career goals are in life remember there is one major factor that can make the decision between success and failure. This factor has the potential to make or break one’s long term and or short term aspirations. Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to talk with Rochelle Aytes from the hit ABC show “Mistresses”. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous with eyes that can pierce any man’s soul to the core, she is extremely talented and humble enough to help others reach new heights in their career. She is a true reflexion of the the old time phrase, “Be a blessing to someone else besides yourself”. Besides being a veteran in the acting business, Aytes continues to set new barriers that she can break within her own merit.

“Before I was an actor, I was a dancer. I always danced with alot of emotion and figured that I can use that same energy on screen. So I saved up my money and starting taking acting class to get my foot in the door. My first gig was White Chicks and I was extremely nervous! To be around people who has been acting longing than me was very intimidating. Nevertheless, I made it through with the help of the cast and delivered a great performance”, says Aytes.

Keeping your eyes affixed on the prize is a great way to encourage yourself so that your skills are sharpened.

Even though Rochelle Aytes is a natural beauty, she doesn’t need much to keep her skin or hair radiant. With the help of great products that are free from sulfates and extra ingredients that does nothing for our overall look, Aytes skin, hair and beauty is timeless. “I use Wen hair products by Chaz Dean. This has been a go­ to product for my hair for the last 10 years. I have used it for so long that I do not remember what I used before! My hair is thick and curly and other products did nothing for my hair. Wen by Chaz Dean keeps my hair soft, manageable, vibrant and most essentially healthy. It is full of active ingredients that really takes your hair to the next level. On set, there are times when you are in heavy makeup for 10­-14 hours a day. With the lights, elements and make up, my skin takes a beating on the daily. To keep my skin looking great I use natural products that actually keep my skin looking ageless. I really don’t wear a lot of makeup
when I am not on set because I enjoy letting my skin breathe”, says Aytes.
Rochelle Aytes has been in the industry for some time now and she is grateful to still be
working. “Mistresses is in it’s third season and everyday is blessing. I am happy that I am apart of this show because it has opened doors in my career to help others. This season April is little more tougher and the relationship background between her mother (played by Lynn Whitfield) and her is unveiled this season. April realizes what she has been through in the past and doesn’t want to go that route again. She has came into her own over the past seasons and she is the gatekeeper now. Its very important to help those who are around you especially the community because we should invest in our children. There is a girl who lives in my building who is a model and I took her under my wing to help her find her way in life. She is very talented and has the tools to be very successful in this business. Moreover, why should I keep all of the knowledge to myself and not help someone else get to the top? Its all about embracing one another and being a
true support system for our fellow man”, says Aytes.
With a great show and and kindred spirit, Rochelle Aytes is an angel on Earth with hopes of uniting us as one people.



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