Web series have literally saved my life! I am a girl on a budget so I got rid of my cable; kept my Internet access, purchased a Roku (digital streaming box; if you’re not hip, let me know so I can upgrade you) and called it a day. I felt like I was wasting meaningful brains cells on these “reality” TV shows, watching all of these lost African Americans, sell their souls on National television for a quick buck, therefore – wasting money and valuable time. And let’s face it, cable TV is saturated with nothing of stereotypical Black images and I don’t know about you all, but I’m sick of it. But anyway, as an avid TV lover, naturally as a writer (I love the stories), getting rid of my cable and being the only one of my friends that couldn’t tell you what happened on the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop, left a HUGE void in my life. Then one day, after late creeping on social media, the gates opened up and God gave me Issa Rae and the outrageously, addictively funny Mis- Adventures of Awkward Black Girl (also known as Awkward Black Girl); a web series shown primarily on YouTube about a social misfit interacting with her friends and potential love interest who place her in uncomfortable situations. Then after falling head over heels in love with ABG (affectionately known to its’ dedicated viewers), I stumbled upon the “Loves Jones” of web series, Roomieloverfriends.