‘Roses are Red’: A Romantic Night In


For some, it’s about getting the biggest teddy bear, expensive chocolates, and flowers that will die within three days just to post the “look what I got”picture for Instagram. Then there’s us–the romantics. The ones who put all social media and connections to the outside world on hold and plan a night our lovers won’t ever forget.

A romantic night in will always tromp an expensive night out in my eyes. When setting the ambiance for the evening remember three things: dim lights, white accents, and soft music. It’s fool-proof. Candlelight and white Christmas lights are inexpensive lifesavers in this case. A $10 ‘shopping spree’ at Dollar tree and you’ll have more than enough to get creative with. Candles leading to the candlelit bedroom, candlelit dinners, an arrangement of candles that spell out a romantic message, Christmas lights along the stair railing or hanging from the bed posts… all great ideas while simultaneously providing a sexy ambience.

White is right, but only in this situation. White sheets, white bubbles in a bubblebath, white robes… as much white as you can get. It really helps the candlelight and Christmas lights bounce around the room and it especially sets the foundation for the red of rose petals to set in. The Isley Brothers, Janet Jackson, R. Kelly, Trey Songz–whoever floats your boat–be sure to have them playing lightly in the background to help you set the mood as well. I recommend taking the time to construct a playlist because let’s face it, there’s no bigger mood killer than a Pandora commercial. Once the mood is set, try this sexy date idea on for size.

“BLIND” Date. This is a LOT of fun. This kind of date seriously takes trust between the couple. As suggested in the title, after dinner, your partner will be “blind” for whatever else the rest of the night holds. As a matter of fact, you could even have them blind during dinner as well, keeping in mind that you’d actually have to feed them, of course. This is a real play on the senses and makes for some exceptionally great love-making. Get creative. Think of all the enjoyable things you can explore within the senses of taste, smell, touch and hearing–and it’s sure to lead to some steamy action to carry you both into morning.

Take the time to plan every element of your evening so that things start and end as perfectly as you expected them to. Don’t forget the necessities wine or champagne, lingerie (or bare skin), massage oil, strawberries, and whip cream! Here are a few visual ideas to get your creative juices flowing:





Cheers to the night. Good luck.


Isis Nezbeth

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