Rumor Mill! Columbus Short joins Reality TV!

These last two years have been nothing short of devastating for singer/actor/dancer, Columbus Short. From a bar brawl, to charges of domestic violence from his wife;, swiftly followed by his termination from “Scandal;” he appeared to have hit rock bottom. Then again, rock bottom for a star as big as he was may just be reality television. Yes, it is rumored Columbus Short will be making his reality television debut next year!


There are a ton of shows he could actually fit in on. Most of them are currently in the stages of pre-planning or filming at this very moment for 2015. This leaves one question to be answered what lucky show will inherit this controversial star and his troubles? No one currently knows, but sources close to the star hint at the endeavor being revealed early next year. Honestly, with his skill set I can see him as part of the ratchet, yet popular, “Love & Hip-Hop” franchise. Let’s not forget the man was an aspiring singer and dancer before acting became his niche.  He would fit in best with the Atlanta or Hollywood casts. In Atlanta, his troubled story line would fill in for the much needed drama Stevie J, Joseline, Althea, and Benzino will not be bringing since they left and were fired from the show, respectively. Hollywood’s cast is better known, and Columbus is surely no stranger to the Los Angeles. Maybe he can take Fizz or Soulja Boy’s spot. I do not foresee their story lines being buzz worthy a second season.


Still, I would like to see Columbus back on his feet and back to work. His time with reality television should be used as a crutch (as it should be with any of its participants) to get him back to where he was. I miss Harrison on Scandal, the Gladiators are off balance without him….Well good luck Columbus! As a tip, avoid bar brawls, hitting women, and drug use!

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