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Running Things with Olympic Gold Medalist Brianna Rollins-Mcneal

Running Things with Olympic Gold Medalist Brianna Rollins-Mcneal

Brianna Rollins-Mcneal born and raised in Miami, Florida is not your average girl next door. This beauty is anything but. Brianna who is the eldest of 6, grew up with competing with neighborhood kids in races fun. With the praises of the neighbors around her for always winning, she decided to test out fate and see if she was really as fast as everyone said that she was. This lightening beauty decided to try our talent out with the school track team and as she puts it simply; “It (running) just stuck. Running is my God given talent, and who am I to deny myself of the gift that HE has given me?”  It’s not always as easy as everyone thinks. This young Olympic Gold medalist has a grueling training regimen which includes workouts both on and off the track during the week.  “I grew a tomboy but it was ok because I feel like it made me strong and tough. Hanging around with the boys it instilled that toughness needed to make it through the things that I have gone through”.


Running is my God given talent, and who am I to deny myself of the gift that HE has given me?”

Brianna is currently tied at holding the record as the fourth fastest runner in history and is the only American to have a gold medal at the Olympics and World Championships in the 100mm hurdles.  When it comes to pressure to maintain that record, Brianna states that she puts pressure on herself more so than anyone else. “I think I put pressure on myself because other people don’t really pressure me. I want to be number one so I put pressure on myself to be the best”.  Pressure comes in all forms though.  When it comes to being a positive role model for our youth Brianna recognizes that there is some type of pressure to maintain a certain image. “There is pressure in that area, I just try to surround myself with good people. Plus I have successful training partners as well that are very positive.  I surround myself with successful people that are uplifting”.  Being successful is not just a monetary thing though. Being successful is taking care of your mind, body, and your spirit. Brianna is a spiritual person who grew up in the church. “In college I moved away from my faith. It’s different when you don’t have anyone telling you that you have to go. Eventually I found my way back to my faith”.

        “I surround myself with successful people that are uplifting”

We look at all then model types on TV and social media and think that they have the perfect bodies or that they are always hitting the gym. When the reality of it is, some may have had surgery or some may just be fit. Brianna stated that she wasn’t always eating properly or getting the nutrients that she needed. With the help of her dietician, this track star has begun getting the proper nutrition that she needs and because of this she is now encouraged do more as well. “I want to go back to school eventually to be a nutritionist because I know how important it is to eat healthy and maintain the proper diet. Growing up I didn’t have access to such knowledge so I want to be able to help others learn how to take better care of themselves and eat properly. Sometimes when you try to do it on your own, you get lazy and you tend not to eat properly”.

“When it is time for me to have kids, it will be time for me to have kids, it’s all in God’s plan”

Brianna, who is also married, has stated that she has made sacrifices for her career.  “My husband wants kids. Every man wants kids, but right now I am solely focused on my career.  I get to travel and that’s something that I never thought I would be able to do. I come from a family that never really made it outside of Florida. I have been to Europe and other places and it was amazing! In the future, I would like to start getting outside of the hotel room and seeing different things.  When it is time for me to have kids, it will be time for me to have kids, it’s all in God’s plan”. For now, this animal lover is interested in doing more work in the community and raising 4 dogs, which she says is like having kids. In fact, Brianna would like to work more with animals and do volunteer work with different animals as well.

With compassion, love, and excitement in her heart, Brianna Rollins-Mcneal is a star amongst us. We have fallen in love with her just as fast as she can run to our hearts. This beauty is in Kontrol and she is setting the bar high for others that come after her.


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