Runway Looks: Shermon Braithwaite

Shermon Braithwaite
Shermon Braithwaite (@shermonb)

Handsome face, glowing chocolate skin, and a body that appears to be chiseled from stone. Shermon Braithwaite has come a long way in his modeling career. The Brooklyn native is known for walking down runways, showing off his amazing chest, arms, and abs. However, his recent appearance on the FOX competition show, American Grit showed the world a different side of him.

Many would agree that Sherman is undeniably good looking, but at one point in his life, he was considered too “ugly” and too “short” to model. Originally from Guyana, he moved to New York City with his mother and siblings. As a child, he was bullied a lot for not fitting in. But it’s his ability to stand out that has made him successful.

Shermon Braithwaite

As a model, he’s been a staple in the Antinoo Menswear runway shows for the last couple of years and has also worked with Givenchy. This year, in between modeling, he on came for the second season of FOX’s American Grit. Sherman’s appearance on the show allowed viewers see his big personality. He’s a ball full of energy, and always ready to go. Though he can be stubborn and not always open to people, he allowed himself to display his goofy side.

Filmed on Hampton Island, GA, the show follows a group of competitors and a group of mentors who are all fighting to win a quarter of a million dollars. The show is hosted by WWE Superstar John Cena. Throughout the competition, the contestants participate in group challenges and eliminations until the last man (or woman) is standing. Unfortunately, Shermon was eliminated from the show.

Shermon Braithwaite

Obviously, it’s not hard to see why Shermon is one of our favorite models. It’s not just the body and face, but also the drive and enthusiasm that he puts into everything. On the show, he learned to tame his personality some but still managed to stay who he is. No doubt the exposure will allow him to further his career. And who knows maybe he’ll start acting or be on another reality show. Shermon could possibly be the next Tyson Beckford. But where ever he chooses to take his career there’s no doubt that he’ll be fine; especially if he’s shirtless.

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