Saving Cyntoia! Kim Kardashian Enlists Johnnie Cochran’s “Dream Team!”

Unless you have been under a rock then you have heard the story of Cyntoia Brown a sixteen year old girl who was found guilty of murder after she shot and killed the man who used her as a sex slave. Cyntoia was given a sixty year sentence and will not be eligible for parole for fifty-one years! Cyntoia’s story has gone viral prompting celebrities like Snoop Dogg, TI, and even Kim Kardashian to step in and help save her from this harrowing sentence.

Kim Kardashian, in particular, offered to have her personal lawyer look into Cyntoia’s case–and she did just that by enlisting Johnnie Cochran’s “Dream Team!”

via The Shade Room

kim kardashian and cyntoia brown

Her attorney Shawn Holley tells @Blast that she asked her “to help her find a way to help these women. We have already contacted Alice Johnson and her team of lawyers who are now actively trying to find ways to facilitate her release.” You may recognize Holley as she was apart of Johnnie Cochran’s legal team that represented OJ Simpson back in the day.

Holley has also been working on Alice Johnson’s case. She’s a 62-year old woman who is currently serving 21 years of a life sentence for a non-violent drug crime.

If anyone can defend these women it’s Holley.

We are definitely praying for Cyntoia and are really thankful that Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have taken it to heart to help her. This gross dispersion of justice is just that–GROSS! We cannot help but think if Cyntoia had been White her sentence would not have been one at all–not even a crime–they would have looked at her like some survivor and heroine.

We guess Kim is a lot more cognizant of social issues nowadays, being that she is the mother of three (her third child with Kanye West is on the way via surrogate) Black children. Either way, good looking Mrs. Kardashian-West, you may just earn your own honorary Black Card and a permanent invite to the cookout!



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