We Saw That: Althea Posts Subliminal Shots At Benzino Then Deletes

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta couple Benzino and Althea Heart seem to be having some trouble in paradise.  And what better place to make it known than social media, right?

Thi Thi, as Benzino affectionately calls her, posted a host of subliminal shots aimed at Benzino and the demise of their relationship on Instagram.

Thiz1 Thiz-1 Thiz2 It appeared the relationship was finished and Althea had moved on.  But the next day, all was well again as she posted: Thiz3

She also tried to erase her irrational postings but unfortunately for her, our screenshot game is too strong.

In the future, everyone (not just celebrities) really need to stop venting to social media about their relationship problems. 9 times out of 10, it’s just a ploy to get attention from one person. Call THAT person, text them, send a pigeon, do whatever you need to do except post it for the world to see. It only makes you look crazy when you’re head over hills again three whole posts later.

Tina Red

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