Say What? X-Men & Fantastic Four Movie Crossover in 2018!?

Well it looks like Marvel Studios will not be holding a monopoly on the expansion of their cinematic universe for too much longer. Fox has plans of its own for its X-Men and Fantastic Four properties. As you recall, the movie rights for these two franchises are currently owned by Fox; and unlike Sony are not ready to play nice with Marvel Studios. Honestly, besides the possibility of some amazing crossovers, why should they? The X-Men franchise is as popular as ever and later this summer the new Fantastic Four reboot debuts. Unsurprisingly, the Latino-Review is reporting that Fox has its own plans for expanding its branch of the Marvel Universe with a X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover in 2018!


A lot of people forget that our merry mutants and Comic’s First Family exist in the same world. In fact, in the comics, the two teams have interacted with each other quite a bit. Wolverine and Storm have been members of The Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman’s children are mutants, and in an alternate future The Summers and Richards share a super villainous grandson named Hyperstorm! A lot right? Still, let us not get ahead of ourselves. A crossover between the teams all hinges on the success of the upcoming films over the next two years. Then, there is the question of just how a crossover would happen. Fox has stated the two teams exist in discrete universes. Perhaps, the Fantastic Four’s exploration of other dimensions will cause them to stumble across the X-Men and they have to join together to defeat some ominous villain–Galactus hopefully!

Fox’s slate of films over the next few years include Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, Gambit, The Wolverine sequel, New Mutants and The Fantastic Four 2! Well we are definitely super excited, and we will keep you posted!


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