A Scandal Recap: The State of the Union

By: Sebastien “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin


Two episodes into the fourth season of Scandal and things seem to still have somewhat of a slow start. After Harrison’s funeral in the last episode it looks as though everyone has picked up the pieces are functioning. Even Cyrus was still distraught after the death of his late husband James in the last season, but tis time no mention of Harrison.


Now that they’ve gotten passed the scandal of what Columbus Short was bringing to the series Shonda Rhimes’ taking her time in what will be exposed this season. The usual surprise elements are missing so far from these most recent episodes or are we becoming immune to the shock?


Olivia is still in a place of limbo between Jake and Fitz confused on where she really wants to be. As the audience can see her desire to be with Fitz she can’t deny her ties to Jake. Luckily, Jake isn’t the kind of guy to sit around waiting and will call Liv on her bluff. He’s officially moved out of her place and got himself a hotel placing her in a compromising position. He sarcastically warns her to only contact him if she’s looking to have a “booty call”. Needless to say that call happens where he gives her exactly what she was looking for. Unfortunately, it’s clear that Jake is being so used by Liv.


As for Cyrus outside of him blackmailing Liv for his benefit he’s finally found himself some entertainment for the time being. Yup, that’s right after losing his beloved husband he’s met someone who’s been able to tap into his loneliness. This was the timid sizzle Rhimes offered. To observe Cyrus find comfort in another man’s arms was a little out his character, but good. While still sporting his wedding ring he found a step to move past the loss of James at least for one night. Turns out the guy, Michael, he spent the evening with was propositioned by Portia de Rossi’s character Lizzy, which is revealed at the very end of the episode.


Millie on the other hand remains in the space of mourning over the death of her son with Fitz. Shockingly, the one to come forward and make the most sense was Abby sharing the idea of her not being the person to experience the loss of a child. After being photographed eating chips next to his tombstone the media catches on to Mille’s unusual behavior, but doesn’t care. Eventually, she pulls herself together just to make Fitz look good at his public speak. Afterwards she crumbles in private. Ironically, these recent events have brought an even more compassionate side to Fitz and Mellie. As a result he and Liv only carry a platonic relationship with minimal interaction.


ABC Writes:


Things are still icy between Huck and Quinn. They are assigned to babysit the Elliots. Their quietly-heated conversation in the bathroom is cut short when Lisa stabs James in the thigh with a corkscrew. Tiffs like this happen when you’re married. Later, Huck fesses up to Olivia about his brief relationship with Quinn. Olivia later gives James and Lisa a tough love speech that’s enough to get them to show up as a couple at the State of the Union.


Fingers crossed that the next episode bring the spice in heavier, so we can get that Scandal fix we’ve all been missing.

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