Scandal SNATCHED The Entire World’s Life Last Night…”I Am The Hell And High Water” [WATCH]

Shonda Rhimes was not playing any games with the first episode of Scandal. Back for season three, Scandal gave the entire world what it was looking for and within the first six minutes my heart was racing and I was out of breathe. Olivia’s father Rowan read his daughter her rights and had some of the best lines I have seen.

I now see where Olivia gets her vibrato from…”You’re not rare, you’re not special” “You have to be twice as good” “I am the hell and high water.” Chile!!! I for surely thought that Mellie had finally “won” but she stay forever losing. SMH That Cyrus is a monster and as he called himself, Olivia’s monster.

Let’s talk fashion for a sec…Kerry was wearing thee hail out of that white coat while visiting with the Pres. It’s from Burberry’s Spring 2013 collection.(Caped Duchess Satin Trenchcoat”) Want your very own? It’s gonna set you back $1500 but it’s currently unavailable but you can get the look for less look here




What did you think about episode one and what are your predictions about what’s in the folder? Can’t wait to see what’s in store next week!!!!




*You don’t have to download anything to watch* What did you think about episode one and what do you think is in the folder?


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