More Scandal For Tv Show Scandal: Shonda Rhimes Sued by Writer

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Our two favorite hit TV shows Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, are done by our favorite hit television writer Shonda Rhimes. We love her creativity and the way she leaves us wanting more after each episode. As for script writer Debra Feldman, she doesn’t think that much of Rhimes. She actually thinks Rhimes is a “crook.”

Feldman is suing Rhimes, because she claims that she copied of Feldman’s “The Red Tattoo” transcript and used it for short lived series “Off the Map.”

Feldman claims that none of the writers knew about a medical treatment in the third world, prior to reading her manuscript.

I can’t help to not understand why it has taken Feldman so long to talk.  Why is it a big issue now, when the show ended over three years ago?

Well a Rhimes rep stated to TMZ that “It is our policy not to comment on frivolous claims.”

Seems like someone to me is little jealous about Rhimes success, and using anything to bring her down.

“It is our policy not to comment on frivolous claims.”

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