Scary Carrie!

        In a time when horror movie remakes seem to be a dime a dozen, this year scary movie lovers were excited for the reboot of Carrie, directed by Kimberly Perice. It has been nearly 40 years since Academy Award Nominee Sissy Spacek, starred in the original film written by master of horror, author Stephen King. Since 1976, there have been two film adaptations, The Rage: Carrie 2, in 1999, and a straight to television version. In the 2013 story, which was originally slated for a Spring release, we meet Carrie White, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, whose resume of horror movies like Amityville Horror and Let Me In, gave her a strong reputation in the genre. She’s still the same shy innocent naïve senior high school girl with a sadistic Jesus-freak mother, played by Academy Award Nominee, Julianne Moore. Moore also has a history in the horror genre with the Silence of The Lamb sequel, Hannibal.
        Unlike the original, but typical to today’s horror films, the Carrie 2013 film goes scene by scene with light character development but intense heavy action plots. It even uses most of the key dialogue from the original screenplay yet sneaks in a subplot which can only be read in the novel. With today’s fast pace technology and the antagonizing world of being a teenager, this is a relatable film to bullied kids, who can all remember going through difficult times, wanting to fit in. Yet, what Carrie does is less than that. Instead of sympathizing for her little knowledge of puberty and sex, we are more focused on “Okay! Okay! Get to the pigs-blood-splattering-chaotic-firestorm-killing-spree already!”
        It does little to make us want to befriend the helpless young girl but more so anticipate seeing her evolve into a destructible Dr. Bruce Banner to THE INCREDIBLE “CARRIE” HULK anti-hero; well, minus the big green muscles but just as powerful. The over commercialized film gets a 2.5 out of 5 BLAZE STARS for me. Kids, for a real psychological mind twisting love of the Stephen King classic, I recommend the original film. Yet, this passed weekend, Carrie racked in $17 million in box office, coming in third place. Surprisingly, there was no 3D version to the film, which would have added a new interactive effect. However, for first time viewers, enjoy the incredible bloody prom night fire scene and some wicked powers by the shy innocent girl trying to simply say, “I just wanna fit in.”
Written by: Langston John Blaze