Scorching Nail Trends for 2014…so hot you may burn up!

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In todays society consumers are willing to embellish their style in every aspect of fashion. Whether it’s finding the perfect shade of lip stick or even that sexy black dress, people are willing to take risk to show off ones personal flair. Spring of 2014 displays a variety of style and classic looks that can also transcend into nail care. Designers are not only utilizing a model’s body as a canvas, but also their nails. Step outside the lines with some of these bold Spring 2014 nail trends.




Stripe Detail unveils thick, thin, black, white, or even neutral colors to highlight the stripes. This trend makes it easy to go from a day at the office, to a night on the town with your girls. If you are looking for a more colorful and animated nail look, then Playful Nail Art will really excite you! A delightful combination of color, jewels, and a lot of creativity is the key for this bubbly trend. Lastly, if you were looking to try something new with your nails, try Moon Mani. This trend is actually what it sounds like. Manicurists paint the crescent of your nail bed in a contrasting shade as the new French Manicure. So go ahead, treat yourself to a daring nail trend. Your nails will thank you for the love.





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