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Season 2 of Wicked City on AllBlk Announced

Season 2 of Wicked City on AllBlk Announced

Season 1 of Wicked City on AllBlk ended in the middle of some pretty serious drama, leaving many questions unanswered. I also have some predictions on what’s going to happen in season 2. According to [sources] season 2 of Wicked City on AllBlk is set for release in October of this year. That’s just in time for Halloween. If you enjoyed shows like Charmed, The Witches of East End, Vampire Dairies or even Supernatural, then there’s a chance you’ll enjoy Wicked City on AllBLK just as much. I’m going to keep the spoilers to a minimum because I don’t want to give away too many details on season 1.

What do we know about the witches of Wicked City on AllBLK and how their powers work?

So far, we know the witches of Wicked City are gifted with at least one personal power that they can use outside of spells i.e. Jordan’s divination or Mona’s electrokinesis. We’ve also seen that each witch’s power varies in different ways and that each is powerful in their own way. A witch can be stripped of their personal power(s) but it doesn’t appear that their access to using spells can be altogether taken. Claudette is the example here. She really is the wrong fu*king witch to mess with.The witches also can also use weapons, such as magical knives or blades for fighting.

Wicked City Allblk Season 2

What’s going on with Angela and Mona?

Angela and Mona had a special connection from the start of the show which is why their breakup surprised me. I suspect that these two may find their way back together, but you never know.

I love Tabitha, however her age raised a few red flags. Tabitha’s advanced age despite appearing deceptively younger opens the door for certain discussions. Are witches humans that can access magic or are they something else? Is Tabitha using death magic to extend her life? If correct, this of tea would burn everyone and everything, including the table it was spilt on. This also potentially raises questions about the ethical use of magic and how it’s regulated. The council! In my Billie Porter voice. ***

Claudette comes off as dangerous and elusive to say the least. Despite having lost her power, she was smart enough to elude detection. Claudette is really where the story begins if you ask me. She was put into an unfair situation and then made to work for her abusers. To me, this also explains (at least partially) why Claudette still wanted to get back at Tabitha even after finding out about Camille.

Things don’t look good at all for our girl Sherise. It seems like there isn’t one thing she didn’t mess-up. One minute you’re on top and the next you’re taking a nosedive into rock-bottom. My question is, how far does sisterhood really extend? Even considering the spell Caludette used to get-over on Sherise, she [Sherise] was the catalyst that turned a snowball into an avalanche. It’s difficult to say what will happen to her in the long-term.

Who is The Council?

According to Cayden, the council is a high order of witches that govern all of magic. Tabitha and Claudette are former council members; however, it was never cleverly stated if Tabitha left the council freely or if she’d lost her status.

Who is the Handler?

The Handler doesn’t come in the guise of a typical dark lord. He’s the kind of bad guy that you can’t find and could easily be disguised as your neighbor or a stranger on the street. A “slaver,” The Handler is a sorcerer that has a long list of powers many of which we’ve yet to find out. So far, we know The Handler can shapeshift and teleport. He also has a number of devises that he can use to hinder other witches from using magic to varying degrees. In addition, he has a strong following of monsters and magical creatures.

As it turns out, Witches had and have slaves in Wicked City on AllBlk. From what we know a witch can be enslaved as a form of punishment, but it’s also the direct result of kidnap. It seems that particularly gifted witches are kidnapped and eventually sold for their magic. I have a feeling that this may play a bigger role in season 2. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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