Seasoned Publisher Launches Innovative App for Authors!

April Sheris is the CEO of Upland Avenue Productions and Founder of the United App, a first of its kind app that closes the gap between aspiring authors and the publishing industry.  She identified a growing need with emerging authors that were seeking publishing opportunities and has pulled resources to make sure that authors can publish brilliantly and on their own terms.

United app is the ultimate resource for writers and it is growing daily with vetted industry professionals ready to work with an Author and their book.

april sheris united app

“After working in the publishing sector and heading a leading publishing company for several years, I ran across many aspiring authors looking for insight on ways to self-publish successfully, since getting picked up by a traditional publisher was a long-shot. The key areas that most of them yearned for, were editing, marketing and getting connected with the most beneficial trade shows and conferences. I used the connections that I have gained, personally and professionally, and channeled them into a single resource that would best aid in the production of more ‘retail ready’ books from self-published authors.” adds April Sheris.

april sheris united app

Thanks to the United App, Authors can now better manage a successful book release project form the palm of their hands. So what’s next for April Sheris and Upland Avenue Productions? “In the upcoming year, we are looking to incorporate a social platform for authors to interact on a local level and provide events that will bring more transparency between our users and tech team. Writing can be an isolated experience and self-publishing without a network is even more distancing. Having the social platform for authors at varying levels to meet a ‘writing BFF’ is extremely important to growth. Sometimes you may be the advisor and sometimes you may be the teacher. But either way, it will remain a supportive environment.”

To learn more visit: or follow @AprilSheris on Instagram.


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