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My ‘Secret’ to Longer Lashes

My ‘Secret’ to Longer Lashes

In a world where everyone either wears lash strips, individuals, or extensions, growing out your natural lashes may not seem of as much importance. Why would it be if you can have longer lashes in a matter of minutes without having to be patient or do any research?

Trust me, I get it.

Until pretty recently, I was throwing on lashes for EVERY occasion, including class lol. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your lashes poppin 25/8, but we don’t ever really think about the long-term effects of constantly having glue on and pulling it off of your lashes: lash loss.

I know I’m not the only one who has taken one of their lash strips off after a long day to find one or two of my own lashes stuck in the glue, no longer attached to my eye. You ignore it the first couple of times, but whether it’s a couple of lashes or all of them, lash loss is not something any female wants to deal with if they can help it.

And you can!

There is a natural, inexpensive way to get longer lashes, and all you need is coconut oil, an old mascara brush, and a little bit of patience.

What Next?

All you have to do is get some coconut oil onto the mascara brush and apply it to clean lashes, as you would mascara, once before bed. The person who put me onto this had few lashes to begin with, and after a month of doing this, there was noticeable improvement in her lashes. They were thicker AND longer. After hearing her testimony, I had to try it myself. My natural lashes have always been pretty long, but they aren’t as thick as I would like. That on top of lash loss from strips had my lashes looking much less than their best. After just 2-3 weeks of applying coconut oil to my lashes, I saw that I was getting my length back and that my lashes even looked thicker.

Okay, but what about lash extensions?

Lash extensions are a good alternative to lash strips and they aren’t damaging, but I have heard that they aren’t the best option if you wear glasses. Also, not everyone has the money or wants to spend the money on lash extensions (QUALITY ones aren’t cheap).
So, if your goal is to have your natural lashes prosper, try coconut oil. Not everyone’s hair grows at the same rate, so be patient if you feel that it’s taking a while to see results.


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