See It Here First! The Teaser for “Batman: The Killing Joke!”

When it comes to superheroes and their rogues’ galleries, Batman’s definitely top the list. Catwoman, Penguin, Two Face, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Bane, Riddler, Clayface–we know and fear them all. Still, none of them can compare to the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker! This psychotic killer truly reinvents himself on a daily basis just to torment Gotham’s protector; even going after members of The Bat Family to do so. Herein lies the tale of The Killing Joke! Joker goes after his archenemy by attacking one of Batman’s partners and closest allies, Barbara Gordon, AKA, Batgirl!

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As you may already know, from the comic book of the same name,  Joker truly shows how evil he is when he kidnaps and brutalizes Barbara. When we say brutalize we mean he shoots and paralyzes her! The story has been hailed as one of the greatest tales in the Batman vs. Joker legacy, and we are so glad to see it adapted to film. We know the animated film (as they usually do) will have some twist to the story. However, Barbara’s misfortune must be in it. It is, after all, critical in the evolution of her character from Batgirl to Oracle, and back–but with a hardened edge. There is no specified release date for this straight to DVD film, but you can expect it to be released this summer!  Check out a teaser of the official trailer below!


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