Self Love: 3 Gifts we hope you give yourself on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, be selfish put yourself first. No one has to know, nor is it any of their beeswax.

untitledThis Valentine’s Day, it is all about self-love forget a date. Relax on a “Me, Myself and I” vibe this Valentine’s Day. Say goodbye to the stereotypical chocolates, roses, and romantic date. Instead, treat yourself as a reminder of your worth and that you deserve the world. A meaningful way to contribute to your self-care. With a P.S I love you, these little reminders show that you matter.


Self Love meets Self- Care

From essential oils, a spa day to healing crystals. Building a foundation that starts within, between mind and body to create a whole.

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Essential Oils provide a sun-kissed skin that looks and feels soft. As there are various blends that provide relief for one’s body such as burns, improve digestion, headache relief, improve overall energy, boost immune system, and lose weight.


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Soak in a nice warm bubble bath, or book a Spa Day for a day of relaxation. Take time to meditate or get hot and steamy with Hot Yoga. It’s important to keep yourself calm and collected after a long week. 


Self Love: That one thing

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Maybe it’s time you book that trip overseas, buy those concert tickets or the newest lipstick Rihanna dropped. Whatever it is that you desire, don’t hold out any longer. Invest in that one thing you’ve been eyeing all year long. 


Self Love: Luxury gift

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We don’t buy luxury items every day, which is why it’s a memorable purchase that will be somewhat emotional and very symbolic. Whether it’s diamond jewelry or a new watch; this luxury gift becomes a symbolic gift of one’s self worth. 

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