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Self-love and Self-worth with Celebrity Therapist, Vladimire Calixte

Self-love and Self-worth with Celebrity Therapist, Vladimire Calixte

Meet Vladimire Calixte everybody. Vladimire is an empowerment therapist to celebrities as well as normal individuals like you and I. I was able to have such an uplifting conversation with her about self-esteem, dealing with the issues of your past, and much more. Delve into this juicy, empowering interview with Kontrol Magazine:

In your own words, what is it that you do? “I’m a facilitator in helping others make better life choices. I just love saying that, it’s a wonderful thing,” she shared enthusiastically.

In my own childhood,  I battled with low self-esteem. I know that many others also deal with the disease as well. At the time that I was going through that I saw a therapist and it annoyed me so terrible when I would get the type of therapist that just says “Oh, everything will be okay.” Then there are those therapists who help you actually deal with where that hurt is coming from. Would you say that you take this same approach with your clients? “That’s one of the most important things, Isis, is that a lot of us are in pain and it’s really good to reflect on what the real source of that pain is; whether it’s anger sadness or jealousy–all of those things come from somewhere and when you delve into what’s causing that and deal with it, it’s awesome. It’s a shift of thinking though. It’s a paradigm shift of thinking.” One positive thought a day… people have no idea how much that really helps. Try it on for size the next time you are feeling defeated.

Having been able to overcome so many challenges in your own personal life, is that what led you to choosing a career as a therapist? “Uhm, I think it’s both. I have always had a passion for helping people. People always came to me for advice. They always felt that I was non-judgmental, but I can honestly say growing up without a dad—yes—that was a real source of pain for me. It was deep source of pain, his absence. And for a long time I had these feelings of diminishment. I felt empty; I felt worthless. So I would definitely say that was a part of the big driving force in leading me towards this profession.

For me, with the absence of my father, I had to come to an understanding that he didn’t choose to be around. It wasn’t my fault. So, I guess that’s the same way I’m helping my clients now–helping them realizing that very fact. By having them realizing this they become empowered to say “wait a minute, this pain that I’m feeling—yes, I was sexually abused—and they do have these feelings of shame, embarrassment, anger… but in therapy your facilitating them in seeing that this is not their fault. This is where the empowerment comes from and where they really journey from pain into peace, which was the same thing for me, personally. The shift in realizing that ‘yes, I would have loved to have my father around,’ but he chose differently, not me—for example.”


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