September Men’s Fashion Trends! (The ONESIE) By: The Billion Brand

onsie 7As we are approaching that oh so highly anticipated season of New York Fashion Week, there is excitement to see what new trends designers have adopted or created! Recently we have been able to see a few trends that have hit the men’s fashion world hard and have been going strong. There are a few trends that I will be discussing leading up to fashion week and please let me know what you think about them. Are they your style? are they something you may not do on a normal basis but wouldn’t mind trying?

One trend that is actually one of my favorites as it gives a mix of fun and high fashion that merges the design aesthetics of the classic jumper, bomber jacket and work uniform while giving it a modern edge and twist is the JUMP SUIT. Some call it the “ONE PIECE SUIT” while others call it an “ONESIE.” Either way the whole purpose and idea is to have a garment that is one whole piece. Now more refined then the design aesthetics it was borrowed from, it is more fitted and not so baggy. Furthermore, designers have taken it a step further to go outside of the box and not just use cotton and jean fabric as usual, but created it with various types of fabric and prints that help to raise the visual captivation!

The stitching and fit points help to make almost a seamless transition form the top to the bottom that would cause you to not even realize its 1 whole piece instead of two! This garment has a range of flexibility that can be dressed down for a casual day at work or even dressed up for an editorial front cover! Be sure to be on the look out for more of this trend on red carpets, runway and your media outlets because it is trule making bold statements around the world that fashion can be free and serious at the same time.

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