September Men’s Fashion Trends! ( The Overalls) by: The Billion Brand

overallsThe jumper is a THROWback classic that was been THROWn into our present and making a grand come back!

The normal old jean overall as some would call it has got a face lift and now being flared by different material and textures. Normally jumpers were considered functional garments only, used when doing manual labor as they were light weight and easy to maneuver in  without having to where a belt or feel confined. They then transitioned to becoming heavier for train workers and those who work outside to sustain in inclement weather and etc.

Now it has a new purpose, called fashion! Used now to make a casual or street style statement, it was become a major talk of the runway! It’s a garment that can make you feel comfortable but give you a stylistic edge based on its design aesthetic that is versatile enough to be worn by itself on the beach with rolled up legs and a sun hat, or during your daily schedule where you add a button up , some chuck sneakers /casual loafers and a watch, or for even more of a flare, a blazer, some dress shoes and a button up with a tie! It has a range of possibility!

If you own a jumper/overalls please put something together with it and show us how you rock it! And send to: so I can post updates in a future article!

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