Sevyn Streeter Pleads Guilty

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Sevyn Streeter admits there is something about that damn ex-boyfriend; and she’s right. This situation absolutely sucks. Its like functioning from a place of no control. You’re in the mindset of trying to leave someone, but still falling into the same trap. The trap of making up & breaking up continuously.


Ex-boyfriends are a sticky subject for anyone, but its important to really know what you want. Sometimes in life I admit its easier to go back to what we’re use to, but it doesn’t mean its best for us either. As we evolve and grow into more of our truth its completely acceptable to ditch dead weight. Know that this does include friends & estranged family members. Loving someone from a distance is most certainly capable of accomplishing. There’s nothing like pulling along people who are a liability oppose to an asset.

Listen Here: nEXT by Sevyn Streeter

Keep in mind once you place a guy on the “Ex List” its important to leave him there. Dragging yourself through the same up and down emotions are too draining. To grant someone the right to come in and out your life speaks volumes of how you feel about yourself. You’re deserving of a guy who is willing to be by your side all the time other than occasional. If he wants to be flaky its cool for another girl, but not with you. I like to think the longer you keep Mr. Wrong around the more you prolong Mr. Right’s arrival. So simply quit making you ex-boyfriend your next boyfriend!

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