“Sex & Love” Is All Enrique Iglesias

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When it comes to Latin men and heart throbs the first person to come to mind is none other than Enrique Iglesias. For years, this king of Latin Pop has song his way into hearts, and perhaps pants, worldwide. Well now he is back, with his tenth studio album, and finally embracing his sex appeal in his latest album aptly dubbed, “Sex & Love.” Why “aptly dubbed” you might ask? It’s simple when it comes to Enrique what are the reoccurring themes of his music. In his case reoccurring definitely does not equate boring. Unlike other artists who are still trying to find themselves, Enrique has found his niche and dominating it wisely. His latest hit, featuring rapper Pitbull, “I’m A Freak,” further reflects this. The video is filled with beautiful women crawling all over him, likened to a orgy and he has the main peace. Hopeless romantics out there do not feel jaded there are tracks for you too. Indeed Enrique thought of all the lovers out there in this album. Whether you want to caress and kiss softly or want to be straight raunchy and loud, you will be satisfied. This is his greatest album to date, something you can listen to over and over and not get tired of. Trust me when I tell you the children you will make off these tracks will thankful for him as they bob up and down in utero! Check out “Sex & Love” on iTunes and in stores everywhere March 14th!


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