Sexual Liberation via Blac Chyna

In a world where black women are often scrutinized for what seems to be unconventional, sexual relationships, social media elite, “Blac Chyna”, occupies a rather awkward space in today’s feminist movement.

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Blac Chyna/Instagram

Looking back at Chyna’s tumultuous career, most would argue that Angela Renée White, has lived a life that some would deem distasteful. From revenge porn to domestic disputes, the Chyna brand is undoubtedly drenched in shock value. The same shocking appeal, used by white women, to shamelessly garner attention, since the beginnings of Hollywood.

However, the defining difference between Angela White, and her contemporaries, is that Chyna is a black women from Washington D.C.

A young, college student that used stripping as a vehicle to pay for classes. With her attendance at Johnson and Whales University in Miami, Chyna turned strip club notoriety into a viable career.

The media’s attempt to legitimize the sexual escapades of white women, while scoffing at the very idea of Blac Chyna, is the defining wedge dividing the worlds of women from all walks of life.

There is a particular distinction ts to be degraded, disregarded, and looked down upon as if sexual liberation has two completely separate definitions for class and race.

Above all, sexual liberation via Blac Chyna, is a heavily nuanced struggle fueled by the covert racism, that disengages black women’s participation because of the inevitability of humiliation.