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Sexy Soap Opera Star Lamon Archey Talks Career and Acting Origins

Sexy Soap Opera Star Lamon Archey Talks Career and Acting Origins

Lamon Archey

Daytime television hunk, Lamon Archey might be best known for his role as Eli Grant on the popular soap opera Days of Our Lives, but these days he’s planning on taking his career to the next level. He’s been an actor for almost a decade and model for even longer. Now, he’s looking to diversify his acting portfolio and has jumped into film writing.

There’s not much you can say about Lamon without describing his as talented, intelligent, hardworking, and smoking hot. The 37-year-old actor started out as an inexperienced model looking for a job. What he found was a promising career in the entertainment industry which he has managed to continuously build upon. Now, he’s a staple on one of the oldest and most popular soap operas.

Lamon’s character, Eli Grant, is the first African American member of the Horton family. The Hortons have been featured on the show since its first episode back in 1965. His character’s mother, Valerie Grant, is played by award-winning actress Vanessa Williams. A former FBI agent, Eli went through his whole life never knowing the truth about his family history. However, once the truth was revealed he was embraced by the Hortons and was able to add to the daily drama that surrounds the family and the town of Salem.

“Within a year, a lot has happened with Eli, meeting a whole new family that he never knew that he had. Also, gaining a lot of relationships with people in the town. He came in as an FBI agent and he was fired for shooting a criminal who was also on the police force; saving a life who was also his girlfriend. The big story right now is Lani, he who got pregnant during a one night stand. She just revealed in court, under oath, that they had a one night stand and got pregnant. So, that’s now revealed to everyone in the town.”

Before he became a model and television, this piece of male eye candy was a carpenter. After moving to Los Angeles, he was unable to find work so he turned to a job fair, where he was approached about modeling. Hesitant to take on the gig, he eventually gave in and went on to book advertising campaigns and runway shows. Lamon later decided to take acting classes, which allowed him to transition to the small screen.

Lamon Archey

Prior to landing a principal role on Days of Our Lives, Lamon was a recurring character on The Young and the Young Restless as Mason Wilder. He’s made appearances on other televisions too like Diary of a Champion, Roadies, and 2 Broke Girls; along with a couple of made-for-television movies. Ironically, Days of Our Lives was Lamon’s first acting roles. He initially appeared as a cop and almost ten years later, he’s back on the show that started his career.

“It’s kind of crazy. I can’t remember how many years ago it was that I once played a cop on this show as my first acting gig. Just to come back around full circle, it was crazy. I remember the first day I went in there, I spoke to Kristian Alfonso, who’s still on the show, she didn’t remember that my first scene was with her. It was just crazy to see some of the people that I saw years ago. I had remembered them because it was my first time being on a set and it was surreal for me at that moment. I had to take it all in. All around it was a good experience.”

These days Lamon is looking for opportunities to further his acting skills. He’s pursuing roles in primetime television and film. Venturing into these type of acting gigs will introduce him to an audience that might not be familiar with his work. At least not the work that he’s done with his shirt on. Though in the past he’s mostly only dealt with dramatic acting, Lamon’s not afraid to switch it up and get into some comedy or action roles. He actually is looking forward to getting an opportunity to see if he can make people laugh.

One of his most recent projects is a film that he’s currently writing with Sean Andre, titled Draw. Though it’s still being written and developed, the film focuses on the bond between a mother and son. It explores how that relationship is negatively impacted by the volatile relationship that the mother carries on with her boyfriend.

Lamon Archey

Outside of acting, Lamon is just a regular guy. More specifically a family guy who enjoys spending time with his three children. When he’s not on set or in the gym getting right for the camera, Lamon is on daddy duty. This father enjoys hanging out with his kids and planning family fun activities. They are the joys of his life who are always able to put a smile on his face.

“Even though my kids drive me crazy at times, they always find a way to cheer me up and bring a smile on my face. I like going to Six Flags with my son. He’s at that height now where he can go on all the rides. He kind of like me where he has no fear. My daughter is into gymnastics and things like that. My ass ain’t doing it with her, but just taking her to gymnastics and seeing her grow is fun for me.”

Lamon has dedicated his life to being an actor and full-time dad. However, this entertainment father is ready for a change. And like every other period in his life, he not only embraces change but thrives off of it. He’s already started to take on additional roles. Very soon daytime television will not be the only place that we will see Lamon. But for now, he’s faithfully on our television screens, Monday through Friday. Continuing to feed us our daily dose of drama and scandal.


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