Shad Moss Doesn’t Play About His Fiancè, Erica Mena!

5f393f9b6b020ada1d393ca27957b4e1a4769d6b52fff11ad53147ca1744196f_facebook“I’m very submissive with him. Very. He’ll give me a look. It’s like whatever he wants. I don’t know why. It’s hard to explain. He makes the rules. He’s in charge. He has control….He doesn’t play no games.” -Erica Mena

Shad Moss, formally known as Lil Bow Wow, is showing that his bite just might match his bark. Everyone knows by now that he’s deeply whipped in love with Love & Hip Hop NY’s Erica Mena. According to the two of them, they have “history” and have been great friends for years. Alright…

Since announcing their engagement, the couple have received little love and a LOT of backlash. Many people consider Erica a gold digger and think she’s only concerned with being a celebrity. She was just in love with video vixen, Cyn Santana. Before that, she was madly in love with her LHHNY co-star and manager, Rich Dollaz. And before that, I’m sure she was head over heels for someone else. Either way, people view Erica has a habitual celebrity dater and don’t believe her feelings for Shad are real. He on the other hand, you could say the same about. He’s gone from Ciara to Angela Simmons to Dollicia Bryant to Miss Joie to Ayisha Diaz and then to whatever other video chick at the moment. He’s been accused of not paying child support and then citing that he’s broke, as to why. His relationship with Erica tells a different story. He bought her Rolls Royce’s, Rolex’s and all kinds of Diamonds for her birthday recently. Must be nice to be that kind of “broke”.

Comedian Tony Rock said what most of America had already been thinking and saying, and for whatever reason, Shad chose him to lash out at.


The status called Erica a “full blown whore” Oop! Shad went on a rant, where he vented his frustrations with other black people hating on black love and even mentioned that he had goons looking for Tony. Oh!!


Lord… I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what Bow Wow does with the alleged information he has. “I toldem press go” though? What does that mean? Did he ask his homies to beat Tony up or something? This is all too much for me.