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Shades of Blue Starring Jennifer Lopez is a MUST WATCH!

Shades of Blue Starring Jennifer Lopez is a MUST WATCH!





Shades of Blue Starring Jennifer Lopez is a MUST WATCH!

How does one maintain integrity and enforce the law in a world that respects no border.  Crooked people make and break their own rules, but the good guys are bound to follow the ordinances that were established to protect the citizens.  Well, not in the case of the new drama series, “Shades of Blue,” starring Jennifer Lopez.  Lopez, is more gorgeous and confident than ever in her new role as a New York detective, Harlee Santos.  As a single mother, she works closely with shady cops taking her piece of the dirty money to keep her only child in college.  It was all going smoothly, or so it seemed, until a FBI agent from the Corruption Protection department caught her in an undercover sting operation and forced her to be an undercover rat to expose and convict those dirty cops.  The problem lies when Jennifer Lopez, Harlee struggles to maintain her loyalty and honor.  She either continues to work as an informant for the FBI or go to jail for ten years for illegally taking large sums of money as bribes.

After having the pleasure of previewing the first episode of Shades of Blue last night, I’m hooked on the show!  The beginning of the first episode had a scene with Lopez making out with her boxing trainer and I was disgusted!  I wasn’t ready for a making out session that early in the episode, especially, since there was no build up around the idea of her having a relationship with the man (that’s just in my opinion).  They portrayed her as the kind of dominant type who controlled the sexual tone of the relationship in that scene.  On to the next scene, she is seen talking to her daughter about not skipping classes, and Lopez is portrayed as a very loving and protecting mother.  From there, the story unfolded showing many segments of the episode focusing on the corruption and the hard decisions that law enforcement personnel are realistically tempted with.  Besides the somewhat rated R scene that I particularly didn’t care for, although some might say that’s the attention grabber they needed, I would recommend any one over the age of 15 to see it.  The show is very interesting and I think this is Jennifer Lopez’s best project to date!  Harlee’s character is very relate-able and she looks drop dead gorgeous in every scene! The show drops on tomorrow, Jan.7th at 10p.m./9p.m. central time on NBC.


Well, there you have it!  Thanks for reading.  Follow me on IG: @RosvieStyle


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