Shatell Rivers: An innovative hairstyle at its finest!

With all the hairstylist and make up artists on the market, consumers may find it hard when it comes to keeping their overall look in check. With recommendations from our friends and loved ones, people are very selective. Trust me, I am one of those individuals who only go to my barber who is fully equipped to cut my hair. If you are willing to step outside your comfort zone and put your hair first, try giving Shatell Rivers a phone call. Not only will she protect your hair, but incorporate an innovative edge to your hairstyle. Some people call it fear, I call it creativity. Ms. Rivers is on her way to success with amazing technique and care when it comes to hair. Are you ready to express yourself through hair? If so, let Shatell take you to hair heaven.


A hard worker by trade, Shatell Rivers was born in Statesboro, GA and knew from the start if hair was going to be her career, she would have to reach a larger market to become a success. Doing hair since the age of 12, Rivers was quite aware of what she wanted to do for a living when she became an adult. Pushing the envelope with hairstyles, Shatell is staying true to her brand by providing a medley of innovation and a strong foundation that is built into her craft. Want to protect your hair when it comes to a relaxer or sew-in? Here are some tips from the professionals.


Relaxer: Never go into relaxed hair twice; only relax the new growth by parting the hair into 4 sections. Relaxing hair that has already been processed can cause extreme breakage leading to hair loss.


Sew-In: When you decide to get a sew-in, make sure the stylist is not braiding your hair too tight. This can also cause breakage and the loss of edges. Also use a net because it actually keeps the hair tighter and stops the braids from expanding when you wash and condition the hair.

Jarius Tommillson

On September 20, 1988, a boy was born and deemed to create his own path. He was taught to follow his heart, and never take no for an answer. My name is Jarius and I love everything about hair, make up, nails, fashion, shoes, and most essentially writing. Join me as we voyage to nirvana through the words I write.