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She’s So Sick of Love Songs, but Not Love! Phoenix White Rises in Life, Love, & “Match Made in Heaven!” (@MMIH_WEtv)

She’s So Sick of Love Songs, but Not Love! Phoenix White Rises in Life, Love, & “Match Made in Heaven!” (@MMIH_WEtv)

They say there are three sides to every story; your side, their side, and what actually happened. The lines that divide lies and truth are often blurred when points of view and perspectives collide. Few know this better than celebrity photographer, mother, and philanthropist, Jessica “Phoenix” White. This breathtaking beauty is currently known as a contestant on WE TV’s Match Made In Heaven, but to the world at large she is known as Ne-Yo’s ex and “fake baby mama!” Well do not believe the hype! Put down the Koolaide, and open your mind—the “Phoenix” is rising and you WILL hear her story!

Love and the pursuit thereof, is hard. By universal accounts the course of true love seems to be getting harder by the day. Some of us bravely put our hearts on the line in hopes of finding that rare and powerful connection, we desire, with another human being. After years of being single—seven to be exact—Phoenix is back in the dating game in a big way! As aforementioned, she is currently a contestant on Match Made In Heaven, a reality dating show where twenty women compete for the love and affection of former NFL player and successful real estate broker, Shawn Bullard. “…I was ready to get back out there and when this opportunity presented itself I thought why not…” Still, Phoenix admits she had some reservations about the show and even made a few rules for herself going into it. “I had to make sure this was not going to be a Flavor of Love, that he was going to be someone reputable and attractive, and that I wasn’t getting a nickname!”


Thankfully, the show was up to her standards and she finds Shawn to be quite handsome, deep, and charming. This is a change from his usual description, as many viewers of the show have found him to be rather dense and womanizing. “Shawn is anything but ‘dense’ [she laughs], in fact he and I have had some very deep and endearing conversations…he’s quite the charmer and there’re so many layers to him that they [the viewers] just don’t get to see…” Whereas her interactions with Shawn were positive, many of the ladies left much to be desired. “I came into it realizing it was a competition and that I was not there to make friends…some of the ladies there I could tell were conniving, there for fame, and the way they behaved was just crazy to me…” On the next episode of the show we will see Phoenix make a big revelation about her past with Ne-Yo after being prodded by fellow contestant, Dolly Gray. “…I’m not sure where Dolly’s attitude was coming from and I was really surprised she would do something like that to me…We’d had deep conversations about her past and upbringing and I felt like we were bonding…Later she apologized to me…Contractually I cannot tell you what is going to go down on the next episode between Dolly and I but tune in!”

first-black-bachelor-shawn-bullard_240x340_13 (1)
Shawn Bullard


“Fake baby mama” is perhaps the most derogatory and inaccurate description of Phoenix White to ever cross anyone’s lips. Sadly, it is something the media has cruelly used to twist the story surrounding the demise of her relationship with R&B singer/producer, Ne-Yo. As you may recall, the singer had some “not so nice” things to say about her on his episode of VH-1’s Behind The Music. On the show he accuses her of trying to pass off her son as his own, and then being awarded a large sum of money from the courts and disappearing! “That’s not at all what happened. He was aware of my situation and my son’s paternity…when he went on the show and said all those things I was blindsided and hurt…he claimed he had not seen me in years and maybe a year before that we met and talked out our issues and departed on good terms—or so I thought. We didn’t work out because of fame…he became Ne-Yo and I was in love with Shaffer [Ne-Yo’s real name]. He’s actually apologized to me for that since then and honestly I just wish him the best…It has been really hard having all of this over my head…people immediately judge me and have these horrible misconceptions about what really happened between he and I…” In Phoenix’s case it seems the person with the bigger platform and louder microphone swayed the public’s opinion.


Nowadays, besides her stint on reality television, Miss White is moving in the direction of an author and philanthropist. Currently she has written a book, Redefining Strong, where she details her own healing, spirituality, and motivates others to take charge of their lives by claiming their strengths. The book came on the tail end of brain surgery! “When you’re facing something like that you see life in a completely different light and you truly realize what is important…I want people to know this without having to experiencing some near death trauma…I’ve started a charity, also called ‘Redefining Strong’ to do just that…I want people to know their self worth and be able to work through their pain…” You can purchase her amazing book by clicking the following link: http://phoenixwhite.net/product/redefining-strong-p/


As you can see there’s more to Phoenix than what any expose or jaded singer can say about her. Life has been her greatest teacher, and like a true phoenix she has arisen from the ashes stronger than ever. There is more to life after heartache, tragedy, and trauma—there’s joy! Trust, and believe Phoenix White will be sharing that with the world.


Twitter: @phoenixontwit
Instagram: @phoenixwhite


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