SHHHHH!!!! Here are some secrets for going make-up free this summer!!

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One thing I love about the summer time is BBQ’s with great friends/family and most essentially jumping into a cool pool! If you are wearing makeup, jumping into any body of water besides the shower will cause it to bleed off. Instead of making sure your mascara is water proof or if your concealer can handle the pressure of solar energy, just go MAKE UP FREE this summer! I know it may sound odd, but lets be serious for a minute. Make up sometimes has the tendency to be heavy especially if you are using a liquid foundation giving you a “cakey” look instead of a smooth overall finish. Why would you want to create wrinkles and cracks in your face before you age? Check out some of these tips below for a make up free summer! Not only are you giving your skin a chance to breath but also a way to enjoy the weather as well!


  1. Make sure your skin is clean! In order to allow your skin to breath, it must be clean first! Remember, whatever skin cleansing system you are using actually cure your acne!
  2. Use sunscreen that has a SPF of 40 or better! This is the best way to know that your skin is not being burnt to a crisp in the sun!
  3. After washing your face, make sure your skin is moisturized! For example, I use Cocoa Butter to keep my skin silky smooth. It also acts as a form of sun block giving me that sun kissed glow I love!

Enjoy your make up free summer this year but remember protection is the key!

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