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The SHIT That Happens When You Sleep In Last Night’s Makeup!

The SHIT That Happens When You Sleep In Last Night’s Makeup!

If you’ve slept in your makeup a time or two in your life then you know in which direction that I am headed…..

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Sleeping In Makeup

We have all when out on a Friday night with our faces either beat to the gods or if you aren’t a beat kind of girl then you wore your favorite mascara, bronzer and a popping lip. Nonetheless, you were dolled up and hung out with your besties all night!

However, there was one thing that you didn’t do once you came home from this epic night of partying.. I’LL WAIT….

After ubering back to your apartment, you kicked your shoes off, stumbled to your bed and the rest is history!


Makeup, Facewash, beauty, skincare, kontrolmag, kontrolbeauty
Sleeping Beauty

So, when you wake up in the morning there may be a few things that you will experience because of this little boo boo of a mistake!

No Judgment though!

Acne Breakout

When you don’t remove your makeup this can lead to clogged pores and pimples. It is imperative to give your skin the proper amount of time it needs to breath.

If you already have sensitive skin (like myself) I highly suggest doing your best to avoid leaving coats of foundation, blush and bronzer on over night because your skin will hate you the next morning.

Dry Skin

When you don’t remove makeup up from your skin, it can inhibit the proper absorption of skincare products needed to moisturize your skin.

Clogged Eyelash Follicles

Sleeping in mascara is a major NO..NO!

Some may feel like its no big deal. But look at it like this.. if you touch your eyelashes right now, they should feel very soft. Well, how about touching them with 5 or 6 layers of mascara on them. HARD! That is how they will feel.

Now, imagine sleeping on those hard lashes! You WILL experience lash breakage, dry lashes, and possible eye irritation.

As I continue to think on this.. it might be an awesome idea to keep makeup remover wipes in your car, that way your least drunk homegirl can get you together! Now thats LOVE!




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