Shonda Rhimes says Yes!

Scandal.  Grey’s Anatomy.  How to Get Away with Murder.  Private Practice.  When someone hears the names of these shows, one name comes to mind: Shonda Rhimes.  The television powerhouse has provided an endless amount of cliff-hanging, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, jaw-dropping entertainment that has challenged and changed the television industry while taking it by storm. 

The single mother of three can now add another title to her ever-inspiring resume: author.  The “Year of Yes” is a memoir/self-help book that humorously and humbly chronicles Rhimes’ year of saying “yes” to the opportunities that lay before her.  Rather than saying “no” to the things that made her uncomfortable or dismissing opportunities that at first glance didn’t seem quite right, Rhimes decided to open her mind up to embracing whatever life threw at her.


Chronicling some of her upbringing and background while sharing some of the year’s opportunities and challenges, the book offers great advice in a conversational tone.  The idea is to learn to say “yes” when your norm is to say “no” while also learning to say “yes” to “no”, essentially experiencing things and prioritizing yourself in your life. 

Grab a copy for yourself or gift someone else and start the new year by saying “yes!” 

Stephanie Benoit

Stephanie Benoit is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in motivation and empowerment. Having been an editor, writer, and contributor for several magazines, she also loves to share her gift of writing with the world. She aspires to inspire people to reach their goals and God-given purpose. Being a young woman with dreams that include speaking and flourshing her own business, she is on an unstoppable journey to fulfull the desires of her heart and evoke a movement for all generations. To reach Stephanie, email her at or follow her on instagram: @stephaniebenoit

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