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Shop Revel by Julian Lark Cosmetic for Your New Years Glam Look

Shop Revel by Julian Lark Cosmetic for Your New Years Glam Look

Revel by Julian Lark

I’m a huge fan of lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadows and everything I can get my hands on to add to my vast collection of make-up.  I use brands from all sources and I have a liking for most all of them, one brand that I particularly think is a must have is REVEL by Julian Lark.  I will wear and use great quality make-up regardless of the brand name or manufacturer.  However, I especially like REVEL because I love every color REVEL offers as it compliments me!  Since I love the way they pop and it has the “long lasting wear,” then I’m getting every color in the pallet or every hue of lip glosses and lipsticks I can get my hands on.  Moreover, when you get great quality products and the brand name represents you and your persona, then that’s ever more glorious wouldn’t you agree?  There’s something about “NAME BRANDS” that we all just associate ourselves with because they connect us to a sense of luxury, lifestyle etc.  It takes our identity and how self-representation to the next level.  It all sounds superficial I’m sure, but I’m so serious.  I know “BRANDS” have an emotional pull on me as I’m sure it does on many people.  Let me give you an example.  I remember when “Michael Kors” really hit the mainstream as a brand!  Well, now you can’t walk pass three girls without seeing the recognizable MK logo.  Try it out for yourself and see if I’m lying.  The next time you’re in the Mall, check to see how many girls and even boys have the MK sign on them.

Revel by Julian Lark
“Call My Name” $10 www.revelbyjl.com


Why am I going on and on about make-up and then brands?  Well, when you combine the two, REVEL by Julian Lark is exactly what you get!  Revel is a “vibrant, new cosmetic line by Celebrity Stylist, Julian Lark.  The fun and stunning colors are a beautiful compliment to any trendsetter that exudes the glamour of Hollywood and the femininity of a woman,” according to Revel (2015).  You have to go to www.revelbyjl.com to see the bold and vibrant colors for yourself.  Don’t just go web browsing either.  Make sure you carefully review each product offering on each page and add it to your cart as you fall in love with them.  You can choose from the creamy lip stains, the liquid lip glosses, the highly pigmented lipsticks and eye shadows and more with just a simple click of a button!  It’s so easy you can even shop and start selecting your favorite colors to add to your already amazing collection of make up on your mobile device!  You will not only find that the prices are reasonably affordable, but you will feel part of the community of many celebrities who as I’m typing, are currently applying their favorite color of Revel by Julian Lark cosmetic.  Enjoy your holiday and treat yourself to a new you this year by kick starting the New Year with a new and amazing “BRAND” cosmetic, REVEL!

Revel by Julian Lark


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