Too Short Explains His Attempt To Take A Loaded Gun On A Plane

Rapper Too Short , born Todd Anthony Shaw, has been cited on a misdemeanor possession of a loaded handgun in a public place after a gun was found in his luggage.

Too Short was preparing to travel from a Southern California airport when a Transportation Security Administration employee noticed the firearm as his belongings were going through the baggage scanner, according to Sgt. John Pfrommer.

too short 1


Upon the sighting, Too Short bolted from the building without his belongings.  He then returned the next day with his attorney and was cited on the misdemeanors charge.

He’s already been released and his court date for the impending charge is November 3rd.

Too Short had a chanceto explain his side of the occurrence with Vlad Tv.  He said he packed the wrong bag and the whole incident was a “big fucking mistake.”  Watch the video below.

According to Too Short, he did not run nor was the accident a big deal.  He left to speak with legal representation regarding the accident.  He then called the airport 20-30 minutes after the occurrence to speak with the TSA and Burbank PD, where arrangements were made for him to come back to be cited.

This was a costly mistake. I’m glad he was able to smooth things over.

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