Short Stilettos?

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Forgive me for this oxymoron; this topic is almost fictitious in the fashion world but this is the new hotness. Stilettos are synonymous with height. Like Empire State Building high. But there is a trend that sends names like Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo back to the factory to cut off an inch or two. But all designers are on deck and seem up for the challenge. I was surprised to walk into Von Maur and fall in love with a low top version sandal of the Micheal Kors brand I love. Love is an understatement! Not only are they fabulous but practical. I can chase my two year old and still stop to pose in a chic outfit, no flats this spring. I must admit I still have a few pair of those heels that are so high my grandmother says, “Girl you gonna have back problems when you get older.” But I am ready to explore the new trend. What do you think? Are you ready to trade in your stilettos for the low tops?

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