Shower sandals goes from bathroom to ballroom!!!

Here’s a bit of a heads up, shower sandals from the 90’s will be making a come back this spring. The simple yet fun sandal left its mark back in the 90’s, but like every other fashion trend the good ones somehow always reappear. Katy Perry was seen sporting Moschino and the shower shoes at The DAILY FRONT ROW “Fashion Los Angeles Awards”.

Katy Perry in Moschino and Shower Shoes

The DAILY FRONT ROW "Fashion Los Angeles Awards" Show

Teen Vogue has a slideshow dedicated to this classic shoe. Women usually have the most fun with shoes, but men here’s a shoe that you to can have a little fun with. Personalizing and customizing is definitely a trend that will always be in, so if you are more of a Do-It-Yourself(er) check out Pinterest. I’m sure there are loads of tutorials, inspiration and even family projects that can be incorporated into everyone’s spring/summer wardrobe.
A great thing about today’s fashion is matching isn’t nearly as important as it was back then. Today we have seen just about it all from plaid with potta dots, strips and checkered the only thing that matters now is the confidence in which its carried. So when you all are shopping for springs footwear don’t forget retro is always in!!!
I’m sure just about everyone has a pair of the infamous Adidas shower sandals that has unknowingly changed the look of the traditional “house shoe” and for the better. This shoe has been seen dressed both up and down and no one is judging because it looks good either way and it’s a really comfortable and inexpensive shoe.
Check out the article on Platform Sandals for another retro sandal that’s set to reappear this spring/summer
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