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Game 1 has come and left for the NBA‘s Eastern and Western Conference finals. The last four teams on the chopping board are the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Atlanta Hawks in the East; the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors in the West.

For the chance to be NBA Championship, both teams are fighting to be NBA Championship winners and obtain the coveted ring.

The festivities of the NBA Playoffs not only come from the players, but the fans. People from all over America, and the world, purchase tickets or gather around a television screen to root for their favorite teams. There are no criteria for being an NBA fan.

Amongst the many joyous fans that attend the NBA Playoff games are celebrities.

The celebrities show up in excitement to cheer on their favorite teams on the sideline. In the spirit of the NBA Playoffs, we are going to highlight the outfits worn by some of our favorite celebrities.

Game 1: Eastern Conference Playoffs

Last night during game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final, 2 Chainz was spotted on the sideline in a black patterned poncho that resembles a bandana that are purchased at a beauty supply store. None the less, this was a very 2 Chainz-ish attire. He topped off his ensemble with a bandana wrapped around his head, white pants, gold chains.

Photo Cred: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images North America
Photo Cred: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images North America

Usher was also in attendance to the Hawks vs. Cavs game wearing a black, patterned, and long sleeved shirt with black shorts. Sneakers, sunglasses, gold chains, a watch, and a gold bracelet were added as icing on the cake to Usher’s ensemble.

Photo Cred: Jerome Pearson/ Splash News
Photo Cred: Jerome Pearson/ Splash News

Boxer, Floyd Mayweather was at the game wearing a graphic t-shirt, grey pants with designs that resembled splashes of white paints. To complete his courtside fit, Mayweather wore what seems to be a fresh pair of white kicks.

Jerome Pearson/ Splash News
Photo Cred: Jerome Pearson/ Splash News

We look forward to seeing more fresh looks as we head down the last stretch to the NBA finals.



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