Singer-Songwriter Sinead O’Connor Threatens to Jump From Chicago Bridge; Currently on Suicide Watch

Prayers up for singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor who is currently on suicide watch by local law enforcement after threatening to jump from a Chicago Bridge.

Chicago Police are on the alert after family members of the singer notified them that she threatened to kill herself.

According to TMZ, a police alert on the Chicago Police Department scanner said: ‘The word from the Ireland police sergeant Claire Mulligan, Dublin, Ireland, is saying that at 1530 hours Sinead O’Connor called and said, ‘I’m on a bridge in Chicago and I’m going to jump.”

Sinead O'Connor

TMZ also reported that Chicago police spotted a woman who fit O’Connor’s description, but it was not her. This is not being reported as an active search, but officers were told to be on the lookout for the singer.

As of right now, there is no word on which bridge Sinead threatened to jump off of. The Irish singer-song writer has been struggling with depression recently, as she went missing last month. The search for O’Connor in May was launched after a doctor concerned about her welfare contacted authorities. O’Connor said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder more than a decade ago and has spoken publicly of her mental health problems.

We are praying that they get to her in time.

By Monique C. Tillman

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