Being Single is Only Bad On Valentines Day

Valentines day is not so exciting, when you have no one to share it with.While all your friends are going on dates, receiving gifts, and floating on cloud 9, you are sitting in your crib mad at the world. It’s okay we all have been there, even if we don’t want to admit it. Look at the bright side, Valentines day is only 24 hours. So only 24 hours must you sit and pout about “how much you don’t care about Valentines day.”
That’s just face it, your single today and probably going to be single tomorrow. You might as well not let one day get to you and make the best of it. If you need ways to get you mind off of “National Singles Awareness Day,” take these few steps right here:

Step 1: Stay off of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, EVERYTHING!
Even though it is apart of your daily routine to log on your social networking accounts, Valentines  day will be a nice day off. All of your fellow peers will be posting a series post about their love ones, and showing off the gifts and plans their partner made for them.

Step 2: Avoid love songs and date movies.
There is nothing worst than sobbing over a pint of ice cream, while watching ‘Love Jones.’ Having to be reminded that you don’t have an significant other on your “me” time, can be quite depressing. I say stick to action and horror movies on that day!

Step 3: Go somewhere that isn’t supporting the Valentines Theme.
If you know somewhere that most couples will not be at, go there! Maybe you will meet somebody there ;-).

Step 4: If you have any, call your single friends and ask them for a girls night !
Depending on how depressed you are, it might be best if you have a support system. What better way then to spend Valentines day with people who are just as bitter as you. You and your friends can order take out, watch a movie, or even go out! As long as you all have each other, right?

Who can be a better Valentine than yourself?  Buy yourself your own box of chocolate and your own flowers. One can’t do for you, that you can’t do for yourself!

Being single is not that bad. Well… only on Valentines day.

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