Single for Valentine’s Day? Celebrate Anyway!

Single for Valentine’s Day?  Celebrate Anyway!

Are you single and dreading Valentine’s Day?  Go out and have a great time anyway!  For example, you can invite your BFF out on Valentine’s Day?  Did you notice how I wrote, “BFF!”  That’s right HONEY!  You do not have to be involved in a romantic relationship to necessarily celebrate Valentine’s Day.  You can celebrate the fact that you are just single and loving it!  So, cheers to you and go out and celebrate.

The fun part about celebrating anything is the process that you take in creating a great outing.  What hair style are you going to have?  What new nail design will you try on?  What new fragrance are you going to gift yourself with?  Hey, the part about loving yourself is real!  Get excited about celebrating Valentine’s Day!  Go as far as sending yourself a bouquet of flowers to your office.  Who said they have to be from anyone in particular?  While you’re at it, go ahead and send yourself edible arrangements too!  Being single during this time of the year is absolutely and perfectly GREAT!  Single-hood is to be celebrated anyways because it just means that you’re not in desperate need to just jump into any relationship especially since Valentine’s Day is coming.

“Singledom”  like a “Kingdom”  is a world to embrace if your perspective is correct!  The glass is all the way full.  Full of possibilities, potential, power to decide and choose your mate…the list goes on.  Finally, get that perfect dress that will make you feel beautiful!  I’ve included three dresses that will spark your interest and maybe, just maybe you will be moved to go ahead and start making plans for Valentine’s Day, even if you’re currently single because Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples!

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Guess Dress
Elin Lace Dress from GUESS $158.00


Vince Dress
Abstract Print Sheath from Vince Camuto $128.00
Mesh Stripe Sweater Dress from Bebe $139.99


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