Single Ladies- “Ask Me No Questions”

Our favorite ladies began the episode with a fun lunch date. They dish about their love lives and careers. Raquel admits she is dating Grant to try and date a different kind of guy. April and David manage to sign Sergio. The latter’s clear interest in April annoys David and he accused her of using her feminine wiles to edge him out of the deal. Elsewhere, Deacon brings in Malcolm and Terrance to bring them all on the “same page.” There, he reveals to Terrance he and Malcolm’s long history of crooked business dealings. Terrance admonishes is older brother for his poor choices, but Malcolm defends his decisions arguing it was in their company’s best interests. Deacon demands a larger share of Franks Jewelry and Cut. Malcolm offers to take the heat of the investigation if Deacon agrees to part ways with him now. He tells the latter they are done with all other dealing beyond that. Deacon slyly tells them they are when he says so.

Raquel and Grant find themselves in a “fashion mismatch” when she is overdressed for their date. He apologizes for not giving her a heads up, regretting he will not get to spend time with her in her sleek black dress. At Price Management, Felicia has a fashion epiphany and calls Omar in after hours. She cancels the outfit she was going to wear to Sergio’s party the next day, and demands he create her a new one. Nate, angrily leaves Omar with Felicia. The Franks Brothers finally join forces to deal with the investigation and Deacon. Across town Grant and Raquel enjoy each other’s company after their date at Fernbank. Sean and Naomi continue to sleep with each other, with the latter even more impressed with his sexual prowess. He comments on her “taste.”She turns another round with him down to clean up and take care of some business. She asks him for financial assistance, but he turns her down not wanting to be her “sugar daddy,” and reminds her how resourceful of a woman she really is. At Indulgence, Omar shops for shoes for Felicia’s outfit, while April seeks advice from Raquel concerning her interactions with Sergio. She feels like dating a client is not a line she is sure she could cross. Raquel advises her not to do it, reminding her from her experience, it can be disastrous. She relishes in how she and Grant do not have to worry about power dynamics now that they do not have business dealings.

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