Single Ladies- “Ask Me No Questions”

It seems like everyone wants a piece of “Cut” and Raquel in the opening scene of this episode. Raquel and Terrance meet with Grant discuss him possibly investing in their jewelry line. Terrance is vehemently against the idea believing he is only showing interest in them to get next to Raquel and because there are more suitable investors they should be entertaining. She reluctantly agrees with him and decides to end her business dealings with Grant. The latter immediately takes the opportunity to up his pursuit of her and asks her to hang out with him before she has to open the shop. Surprisingly, they go rock climbing. There, Grant admires her posterior and flirts harder than ever. Keisha opens the shop for Raquel, who arrives in her workout clothes much to Keisha’s dismay. They chat about her outing with Raquel until Omar drops by with the resumes he has chosen to fill his position. Out of 114 applicants he only finds four possible candidates. He informs Raquel he and Peanut (his dog) will be back to conduct interviews. April and David continue their dance, with the former revealing she knows he failed to sign a new client. David fakes the funk at a meeting, lying about signing the new artist, Sergio. April wonders what he is up to.

The past comes back to haunt Terrance when Deacon, an underhanded businessman, demands a piece of Cut. Keisha looks on as he entertains the shady criminal. Back at her home she informs Malcolm of Terrance’s shady dealings. She recollects with him about how dangerous the situation Deacon is and demands he confront him and put a stop to it, not wanting Raquel to be hurt. Malcolm angrily promises to deal with the situation. Omar tries to warm up to Felicia’s frosty disposition, but soon realizes working for her will be nothing like working for Raquel. Sean and Naomi sleep together. She sees what Keisha saw in him, but wonders what he saw in her. He confesses he has never met anyone like her. At Indulgence, Terrance is shocked to find Deacon trying on clothes. He informs him Raquel is not his girl. Raquel is surprised to find they know one another. Terrance tries to keep Raquel away from Deacon, she staunchly demands he stay out of her business. He leaves dismayed with one of his girls in tow.

Malcolm and Keisha host a poker night. He tells her he has not been able to reach Terrance all day. They decide to live in the moment and enjoy their night. Raquel and April have dinner in the former’s apartment. They dish over guys and how hooking up has replaced dating. The next day at Price Management, Omar leaves to help Raquel deal with interviews. April warns him against it. At Indulgence, Omar is distracted by all the texts and calls he is receiving concerning his work for Felicia. Felicia frantically searches for Omar a midst an “accessory emergency.” April covers for him. Raquel tells him he has to move on if he wants to be successful. He reluctantly agrees to do so, but not before he scoffs at her for allowing Keisha to be him temporary replacement.  Sean informs Naomi things are heating up in the investigation of Frank’s Jewels. He again inquires if she really married Malcolm’s father.

April attempts to woo Sergio by modeling for his website and convinces him to fly out to Atlanta. David and April call an uneasy truce. Felicia reprimands them for their childish games and lying about signing Sergio. David comes clear about April’s involvement in keeping Sergio on their radar. He thanks her for having his back in the meeting with Felicia and admits she is the best thing that has happened to Price Management in a long time. Grant and Raquel arrive back at her apartment from a tennis date. He is amazed by her prowess. They are interrupted by Terrance dropping off bracelets for an upcoming shoot with a girl in tow. He inquires if she and Grant are on a date. Clearly annoyed Raquel wishes him a good night and agrees to see Grant again the following night. One of Malcolm’s employees informs him the D.A. is investigating his company for involvement in an illegal jewelry ring. He warns him if they find evidence he will be indicted.

Omar apologizes to Felicia for neglecting her for Raquel, but confesses he won’t feel at ease until he knows she is in good hands. At Indulgence Keisha confronts Terrance and threatens and warns him not to do anything with Deacon that will harm Raquel. Malcolm and Deacon face off! Surprisingly Malcolm loses as Deacon threatens him and demands his control of Franks Jewelry and Cut. Keisha and Raquel dish over love and Grant. She leaves just as their date begins. After playful flirting she finally gives in and kisses him. Terrance looks on in pain.

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