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Single Ladies- “Build”

Single Ladies- “Build”

Single Ladies  begins with Felicia declaring war on Derek. She learns that the egos of the girls in her group, “Triple Threat” have become inflated. Felicia decides it is time to deflate them! She has her assistant fire her current family lawyer and demands she find her a new one who has a reputation for crushing exes. Ro inherits Raquel’s condo and Terrence hands her over the keys. She offers to let him stay, but he reveals he is haunted by his memories of Raquel. Bri stops by the studio she and the girls will be recording at and admires the ambiance. Elsewhere, Omar arrives late to a meeting much to April’s dismay. After a brief argument they proceed with the designs for the new girl group. Felicia meets with Casey and her mother and tries to get them to sign with her. Felicia offers her mother an executive producer title and tells Casey she respects her decision to be an artist over money. Ro calls Omar while he is working and asks for his help in finding a new beautician. Although annoyed he refers her to Felicia’s hairdresser and invites her to the opening of Terrence’s new club,  The Oak, when he realizes she is lonely.  Terrance confronts a criminal he believes knows about Raquel’s disappearance and demands he finds information.


Terrence worries about Austin’s ability to pack their club when he sees her with young party promoter, Samantha Gray. Back at Price Management, Omar finds himself disgusted by the clothing the designer has made for the girl group. His meeting with the designer is interrupted when Tara arrives demanding to see the designs to ensure she is not going to wear anything she does not like. She hates the clothes, but Omar buys her lunch and promises to keep working. Terrance receives a visit from  an old and crooked friend who offers to help him find out what happened to Raquel if they can use his club for side business. He refuses and tells him he is not invited to the opening. The acquaintance leaves, telling him he could have helped him with Raquel’s disappearance. Austin becomes even more uneasy about Terrance’s actions. Omar and April clash again. This time over him firing her designers.


April complains about her issues with Omar to David. He tries to take her mind off work, but she insists on talking about it and possibly moving to London to take over that branch of Price Management. He thinks it is a good idea, but she is hurt that he does not fight to keep her to stay. At The Oak, Austin and Terrence check off everything they need for the club opening. Felicia arrives and offers Triple Threat as their entertainment. Terrence happily accepts, but Austin tells her she has to check out her new group or there is no deal. Terrence tells Felicia if Austin likes them then they get to debut all of her new talent at their club from then on out. Felicia agrees. Triple Threat suffers from infighting as Tara and Bri fight over the role of lead singer. Felicia admonishes them for their behavior and tells them that she cannot make anyone the lead singer as it is a position that someone just takes. Felicia agrees to let April go to London, even though she does not want to lose her. Omar apologizes for fighting with her so much and asks her to stay. She insists on leaving, but makes amends with him.


The Oak’s opening is a hit, bit Austin finds herself stuck behind the bar after her bartender does not show up. Surprisingly Omar comes to her rescue and bartends for her, revealing his own mixing skills. She thanks him with a kiss and tells him she owes him one. April is shocked by his skills. Omar tells her he loves her and is going to come with her to London for a week to help her settle in. Terrence publicly thanks Austin for helping him open their club and together they introduce Triple Threat. The girls’ performance is a hit with the crowd, meanwhile Ro cozies up to a minor league basketball player. She sneaks out of his hotel room and meets Austin in the hallway. They chat about their wild nights and discuss her father. She then receives a text he has had a stroke!




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