Single Ladies- “Last Dance”

Keisha demands to know why she is there. Naomi reveals Malcolm left Ashley (his first wife) for her years ago, and that she is back in Atlanta to stay. Keisha furious at this new found news leaves angrily. Everyone at the party stares on in disbelief. Raquel tries to comfort Keisha to no avail, she decides she is leaving Atlanta, but needs Raquel to bide her some time. After a tearful goodbye the two women part ways. Malcolm tells Terrance he will have to be in charge of the company for awhile while he chases after Keisha, convinced she is already at the airport. The brothers bid each other goodbye. At their home, Keisha packs a bag–and a bag of money and leaves. She initially leaves the ring behind, and then comes back and takes it with her. Omar cheers Felicia on as she leaves with the bodyguard. He also assures Raquel Keisha will be fine. Raquel’s remote key to her car is not working anymore. Terrance comes to her rescue again and opens up to her about his feelings for her. He asks her to dance with him telling her he wants to be the man she needs and for asks for another chance. They kiss passionately and continue to dance. April wakes up in bed with Sergio, hungover and disgruntled. She finds a wedding ring on her finger and then on his. She is horrified that she is married again, but then marvels at the ring saying “…it is kind of pretty.”

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