Single Ladies- “Truth”

Single Ladies  begins with a few words from Sharon Love (Queen Latifah) the biggest talk show host since Oprah announcing her 500th Show Anniversary. Felicia calls Omar for an update on new business and Triple Threat. He tells her the group is doing well, but she feels it is a fluke and demands he do more by getting them on Sharon’s show. Later, Bri demands Omar do more for her career after April leaves him in charge of her. He writes her off and reminds her he has the entire group to think about. At The Oak, Austin’s father, The Admiral, calls her from his friend’s phone only to berate her for being what she’s not.


Bri goes to her shady friend for career advice. He promises to use his connections to help her. Meanwhile, Felicia’s health begins to suffer and she is forced to see her doctor. He tells her that she must slow down with her work, or risk serious complications to her health including death. Omar makes no headway with Sharon and getting Triple Threat on the show. He goes to Felicia for help and she demands he get on a plane to track Sharon down. Bri receives a visit from Karen, who offers her a chance with her career if she quits the group, freeing them all from their contract. Austin hooks up with a younger guy and is about to have sex with him until Terrance interrupts them. He admonishes her for her behavior and comments on it being why her father treats her so poorly. She breaks a cup in anger when he leaves. She goes to visit her The Admiral, but the visit goes horribly when he berates her again for her career and tells her she is like her mother. She accuses him of pushing her to commit suicide by forcing her to take one too many pills whenever she had a manic episode. She leaves, promising to never deal with him again.

Travis Winfrey

Felicia tries to continue business as usual but her migraines and health continue to hamper her. Her assistant covers for her and sends everyone home for the day. She thanks the girl for her help. Triple Threat meets and Tara and Bri continue to face off. Casey tries to get them to see the bigger picture of working together. Bri in turn tells her of her mother’s schemes. Casey leaves angrily. Terrence and Austin face off, deciding their partnership is not working out. Meanwhile, Omar finally catches up to Sharon. He shows her his girls and a design he was working on for Felicia. Sharon loves it and invites him into her limousine.


Omar arrives back to Felicia’s office to report the good news. He waits there for her and accidentally knocks down her papers. She tells him he has to design the girls’ wardrobe for the performance. Her doctor calls and tells her she has a rebounding migraine and prescribes medicine, but she is not a viable candidate for in vitro and should look into surrogacy. She shreds her pamphlet about in vitro in response. Elsewhere, Bri meets with Karen and tells her she is staying with the group and doing the performance. Karen meets with Casey and Omar and is fired by her daughter for trying to sabotage her career. One month later, Triple Threat performs on Sharon’s show. She introduces them, Omar, and her new dress to the world, much to Felicia’s chagrin.


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