Single, Sexy, & “Centric!” LeToya Luckett dishes on The New Season of “Single Ladies!”

LeToya Luckett is a rare, triple threat–beauty, brains, and talent! We all know her as one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, but over the last few years she has risen to prominence as a breakout star and remarkable actress! She joined the cast of Single Ladies in its third, and final season on VH-1 as “Felicia Price,” music mogul and fashionista. As Felicia, Letoya  has entertained and instilled fear in the hearts of fans everywhere. Single Ladies is back and on Centric for its fourth season.  LeToya warns us to get ready for a whole lot of drama and promises we will learn a lot more about her character.


As Felicia Price, LeToya seems to be Lucious Lyon of Empire meets Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada! Ms. Luckett plays her role so well some fans believe she may be an ice cold diva in real life. “…I’m not like that [she laughs]! She [Felicia] is very serious and blunt…I’m more fun and laid back, but that don’t mean I can’t get with ya [she laughs]!” First seasons are always hard on new characters and in the third season we had to warm up to Felicia on screen. The character’s second season will delve more into her personal life as she deals with the demands of her ex-husband and acquires a new love interest. “This season you are definitely going to see Felicia like you haven’t seen her before…she’s a strong, independent woman but she has her needs too…I think more people will find her a lot more relatable this season…”


According to LeToya the mood of the new season is a little more serious. This is definitely evidenced in the season premiere when we learn Raquel Lancaster has been kidnapped and declared legally dead. Although the show is no stranger to cast shake ups, the way her character departs the show has left many fans rocked. As you recall, Felicia was Raquel’s partner in Indulgence. The fate of the fantasy Buckhead boutique will leave you heartbroken and hopeful at the same time. One has to wonder what will happen with Felicia’s fashion? LeToya confirms her character will remain fashionable and chic but there is less focus on fashion this season. “Don’t worry LeToya is still dressed! But it [the show] is focusing on the story lines more…trust me you will be very pleased with them and all the characters!” Although a few focuses of the show may have shifted, you can rest assured that Felicia and Omar are still quite the odd couple. As of the the first two episodes, Gone and Remixhe has grown from her stylist to what seems to be a talent recruiter and VP at her label. “I love me some Travis and he and Felicia really have a special relationship…every woman needs a gay bestie and I definitely have one of my own…they’re like a girl’s best accessory!”


The TV gods have smiled and returned Single Ladies to the line up. The show is sure to thrive on Centric and we get to see more of LeToya Luckett as Felicia Price. Can you ask for a better treat?


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