Single, Silly, & Now “Centric!” Damien Dante Wayans Takes on the “Single Ladies!”

Wayans–Just the mention of that last name garners decades of laughter! From Keenan Ivory Wayans down to the latest generation of Wayans, this very funny family is certified Hollywood gold! Thus, it is not surprising that one of them has found their way onto the hit series, Single Ladies! You already know the comedic genius that is Damien Dante Wayans! Besides being amazingly funny, he is an amazing actor. As “David Berenger” he serves as both love interest and “love to hate” for a couple of our favorite ladies! “Honestly he’s [David] that dude that means well and wants to make something of himself…he just has a pretty funny way of doing it…”

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Damien joined the cast during the third season of the show. Many fans were surprised to find out he was returning to the show with the way his character parted ways with April (Charity Shea) and Felicia (LeToya Luckett). Both were fed up with his treachery and plans to bring Price Management to its knees. “Yep David is back and he’s stirring the pot…I mean c’mon you gotta have a guy on there who you love and love to hate at the same time [he laughs]!” The new season is currently airing on Centric.  Based on the first two episodes of the season, Gone and Remix, he has already managed to find away back into the music business despite Felicia’s efforts; and he’s back into pants–I mean heart! “They [April and David] kinda have this cat and mouse thing going on. They like each other a lot, but can’t really trust each other and at the same time they kinda like the drama.” This statement definitely has some validity as the two are constantly finding themselves in the throws of passion after an intense fight or some failed plan of sabotage.


David Berenger stands as a softer, more lighthearted character in the midst of the new season’s darker undertone. Raquel is missing and declared legally dead, Malcolm is on the run, Keisha is serving time, and Raquel’s sister, Ro,has sold Indulgence. Lots of bad news right? Thankfully, David’s quips and one liners can lighten the mood. Some fans wonder if we will learn more about his background and family. Dante is not sure how much they will delve into David’s backgorund, but thinks having some of his famous kin guest star in those roles would be amazing. “It can happen…it all depends on if the network got the money upfront [he laughs]!


Damien may be a Wayans, but he proves in every project he still quite the individual. He is charming, successful, and surprisingly single. “Dating is a little hard when you’re in the industry. Not everyone gets the demands on your time and schedule when you’re working…” He admit however, that he loves kissing Charity Shea and if he could date any of the ladies it would be her. “She [Charity] is an amazing kisser man…when I tell you she and I have had chemistry since day one…the first scene we were in together we just went into it and did it! She’s all around awesome!” Well we will definitely see more of that amazing chemistry and even more of Dante this season on Single Ladies. Love, sex, drama, and laughter! Can we ask for more?


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