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Sit Down, Be Humble…But Also LOVE Who You Are

Sit Down, Be Humble…But Also LOVE Who You Are

Video still from Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble.’ (Photo: Billboard)

Admit it. You’re dope. Stop pretending you’re less than you are to protect someone else’s ego. Be unabashedly aware of your fresh.

Right now, in this moment you could be debating to share the great news you just received, racking through your brain to try and figure out how to return someone’s compliment, nervously laughing as you rub your hands together trying to prevent the sweat from forming, stomach turning in knots as the attention is all on you. We get it. We’ve been there and although it’s in the best interest possible, you can’t help but want to escape from the overwhelming feeling of being in the middle.

‘Confused Chrissy Teigen’ (GIF: GIPHY)

I used to and even now, get anxiety through the roof dealing with anything where I have to be front and center or put into situations where I determine, the make it or break it. I was the person in class who didn’t want to raise their hand to answer questions, scared it would be wrong and you’d be humiliated when the teacher gives you that weary ‘not exactly, but good try’ and moves on to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. I dreaded being next in line, counting down how many people were in front of me and what I would say, when it was my turn to speak, hoping I wouldn’t stumble over my words or say something stupid. That’s how I became an observer, someone who used their eyes and written words, more than their mouths to speak. Then I started to realize as I got older, I didn’t want to be that person anymore.

Gif from Beyoncé in the ‘Jealous’ music video. (GIF: gyfcat)

When I heard rapper Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble,’ from his critically acclaimed fourth studio album, ‘DAMN,’ I felt as though it was the fight song for all black people, people in general, in the process of a vicious come-up. “I stay modest bout it, aye,” is what a lot of us choose to do with our moves and come-ups as Kendrick, an incredibly talented lyricist and musician, who creates his art, spreads his message and continues to live his life exactly how he did within where he came from. “If I gotta…i’ma make it look sexy,” was that confidence boost for anyone who lacks belief that they’re capable of making the best out of whatever they do, and maybe it’s time for us to stop acting like it’ll hurt someone else to show yourself, a little more love.

Therefore, this is for the underdogs who feel as though beaming your confidence is a sign of cockiness, trying to or appearing to be above, so you would rather do, say or show nothing at all. I’m going to tell you now as more than a writer but someone who’s on the same journey as you, DO NOT block the complete self, God is creating you to be.

Lauryn Hill in ‘Sister Act’ (GIF: GIPHY)

A new blessing has entered your life and you’re proud of it, that instant gratitude in your accomplishment, it’s what you’ve been waiting on, share that blessing. Look, you can still move in silence with subtle updates, people know of the possible result, but not the plan and process.

DJ Khaled in ‘Nas Album Done,’ music video. (GIF: GIPHY)

You want to wear that outfit and post ten selfies in a row doing the same pose or different, because this time the whole attire was on point, DO SO. You get that perfect angle more than once, gone head and cook up that multi-photo sideshow.

If you think you look good today, your hair laid how you wanted, fresh cut, did your own makeup, highlight popping or the fit coordinated accordingly, it’s okay to compliment yourself, self-love is the best love and you don’t always need a crowd to gas you.

Gif credit: The Odyssey Online

We have to stop feeling like because we show interest in ourselves, for those who had to work hard to even gain that love, that it’s validation that people may think your demeanor is suited to be above others when in reality, you’ve spent your entire life giving that love you wish you had for yourself, to those around you.

As individuals, we were born to stand out and yes, that’s a cliché but it’s also a fact. We can’t expect ourselves to grow and evolve into our best self if we’re stuck occupying who’s hiding behind the outside of your skin. It’s our job, with the time you have here on this earth, to use your voice, platform or gift to embark change, impact others and influence the future.

From now on, make everything you do, look sexy.


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