I know you are familiar with the saying, “It’s not the size of the boat, but it’s the motion in the ocean.” Well I am just going to clear a few things up. SIZE DOES MATTER! How can you even attempt to get the motion flowing when dealing with a something that will not even stay afloat? Let me explain, I am not saying that it has to be the longest and strongest to get the motion flowing, however there is no way that you that you can surfboard on just a 2×4 plank. Get the analogy?

Now I am also not saying that because a guy seems like his family derived from the Mandingo tribes, does that mean he will be the one to rock the boat. He has to know how to navigate the boat to get you to your destination of ecstasy. I mean what good is a sail boat without any wind? That makes for one boring trip. I mean just think about it, how can you have a big gun but not know how to use it. So you are armed but not dangerous? To sum it all up, one needs to be skilled with the tool that God has blessed them with. I just would hope that the packaging on that gift would be worth unwrapping in the sense that it is skilled and of good size!


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